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Az antibakteriális lakkal ellátott készparketták 2012-es évben
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The production of the surface materials containing nano-elements and the attribution of their utilization are a worldwide known process. The scratch-, wear resistance and the radiation protection of the lacquer getting more better with their usage of late years.

The new development of Henelit Lackfabrik GmbH presents an opportunity for production of antibacterial surface. Bacteria and fungus have become more and more resistant to the new cleaning products, e.g. like bleach. For that reason increasing the demand on preventing the spread of different kind of bacteria, mould and fungi.

Silver is a widely used antibiotic, which has been known since ancient times. The Greeks and Romans used its beneficial result: they stored their drinks in silver bottles to prevent spoiling. The American settlers put silver coins in the milk, to prolong the milk freshness. Nowadays silver plays big roll in homeopathic therapy as well.

Extensive testing by Henelit Lackfabrik GmbH has proven a lacquer coat, providing continous antibacterial / antimicrobial protection. This helps eliminate the spread of microbes such as bacteria, mould and fungi, on the surface.

The Henelux Finish 22344 antibacterial lacquer is tested to ISO 22196 in the Austrian OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH independent laboratory. Their report 404.132 determined, that on Henelux Finish 22344 treated surfaces it has been shown, that the level of bacteria reduced down to hundredth of the original one.

The antibacterial / antimicrobial technology is suitable for:

  • healthcare
  • kindergarten, nursery
  • retirement homes
  • residential